Scottish Golf Pilgrimage


Thursday, September 20th

Depart Denver                                     Continental Airlines Flight 423            14:23

Arrive Houston                                                                                                17:47

Depart Houston                                   Continental Airlines Flight 4                        18:45


Friday, September 21st

Arrive London Gatwick                                                                                   09:55

Depart London Gatwick                       British Airways Flight                          12:15
                                                            E-Ticket Confirmation # R2LGHX

Arrive Glasgow                                                                                              13:45

Pick up Sixt rental car                                 Confirmation # 974201318

Arrive to Loch Lommond Lodge             Booking # 4377                                  17:00


Saturday September 22nd

Depart Loch Lommond Lodge  By Car                                                 08:00

Arrive Loch Ness                                                                                        09:00

Depart Loch Ness                            By Car                                                 11:00

Arrive Loch Ness Golf Club                 Tee Time                                        13:00

Arrive Tower Hotel, Inverness            After Golf                                          18:00


Sunday September 23rd

Depart Inverness                                By Car                                                 06:00

Arrive Royal Dornoch                                  Tee Time                                        08:30

Depart Royal Dornoch                      After Golf                                          13:30

Battlefield tour                                     By Car

Return Inverness


Monday September 24th

Depart Inverness                                By Car                                                 06:00

Battlefield tour continues                                                                                           

Arrive Aslar Guest House                                                                           18:00


Tuesday September 25th

Old Course                                         Casual Golf                                          06:00

Return Alsar Guest House                                                                           ?


Wednesday September 26th

Depart St. Andrews                                  By Car                                                 09:00

Arrive Carnostie                                Tee Time                                        11:00

Depart Carnostie                                After Golf                                          14:00

Return Aslar Guest House               By Car                                                 15:00  


Thursday September 27th

Depart St. Andrews                                  By Car                                                 06:00

Arrive Royal Troon                           Casual Golf                                          07:30

Depart Royal Troon                           After Golf                                          ?

Arrive Advie Guest House               By Car                                                 ?

Friday September 28th

Depart Advie Guest House               By Car                                                 08:00

Arrive Royal Prestwick                    Tee Time                                        08:50

Depart Royal Prestwick                    After Golf                                          14:00

Return Rental Car                              Sixt Rental Glasgow                                  15:00

Depart Glasgow                                  Sabena Flight 2076                           15:50

Arrive Brussels                                                                                              18:35

Depart Brussels                                  Sabena Flight 3639                           19:25

Arrive Paris (C.Dgaulle arpt)                                                                             20:30

Depart C. Dgaulle                                    By RER Train B                           21:30

Arrive Gare du Norde Station                                                                          22:00

Arrive Hotel de la Gare du Norde  On foot                                                22:15


Saturday, September 29th

Rendezvous with the Roberts                       Local Transportation                         09:00

Parisian Activities                                  French Golf?


Sunday September 30th                 

Parisian Activities                                  Musse de Orsay                                 09:00

Parisian Activities                                  Local Transportation                         ?


Monday October 1st

Parisian Activities                                  Musse de Louvre                                09:00

Parisian Activites                                   Local Transportation                         ?


Tuesday October 2nd

Depart Paris (Gare du Norde)            Eurostar                                             06:35

Arrive London (Waterloo Station)                                                                        09:00

Transfer to London Gatwick                       Taxi                                                     09:30

Arrive London Gatwick                                                                                   10:30

Depart London Gatwick                       Continental Airlines Flight 5                        12:00

Arrive Houston                                                                                                16:15

Depart Houston                                   Continental Airlines Flight 614            17:25

Arrive Denver                                                                                                  18:46