Hey there! Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays to you and yours. I hope this message finds you in good health and good cheer. 2015 was a great year here in Morrison Colorado. Iím still gainfully employed by DIRECTV, although we've been bought by ATT (they wouldn't be the first Fortune 500 company that I've dragged down - Upjohn, Qwest).

The year started out well enough, I bought a little camper for the back of my little Ranger pickup truck in Feburary. I built out the camper and used it quite often in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Early May brought my quazi-regular golf outing to Palm Springs, where I was joined by golf pals Jeff, Dean and Chad for a week-long golf orgy, playing 45 holes in one day and 135 for the week. Didn't help. Jeff and I teamed up to finish DFL (dead freaking last) in our annual competitive golf tourney, the Shavano Shootout in Salida CO in July. Oh well.

In May, I brought home my new puppy, Augie. She's a Boxer/Terrier mix and great fun (if a little exhausting).

Later in May, my Pop had heart valve replacement surgery, so I spent a week in Columbus, trying to lend support and stay out of the way. Summer brought a new kayak and several excursions on lakes and ponds around Colorado. In August, I met Dan Michalski in South Dakota for a week of camping, kayaking, golf and camp food. Steve and Cindy Smith met us for the final day in South Dakota, and followed me to Wyoming for another day of kayaking.

As football season approached, anticipation of how the Lions would follow up their 10-5 playoff run from last year was building. Answer: not well. I did not anticipate this however, and acting as a camp follower, traveled to visit (new Grampa) Brian Bissell and watch them play opening day in San Diego. They forshadowed their season by getting pounded, but it was great to see Brian and Rhonda, and to play golf at USMC Base Camp Pendleton - about 40 years after I played the course last.

In September, I was headed back to Columbus to help celebrate my folks' 60th wedding anniversary, see Ohio State play Western Michigan with Doug Roberts, and then Doug and I headed up to Detroit to watch the Lions make it four straight losses by having their furry little asses handed to them by the Broncos. It was a Sunday night game, so Monday, I traveled into enemy territory to spend a day with my first (and favorite - just ask her) goddaughter Stephanie Serkoshian in Ann Arbor. She was quite pregnant at the time and has now (12/16) welcomed Griffin George Serkhosian to our mortal coil. I told her Father (and Michigan grad) Brian Bissell that Griffin will have a hard time explaining to his Buckeye teammates why he was born in Ann Arbor. It is a handicap, however, that I am confident he can overcome.

December marked my return to championship form by winning the annual Bake-Off competition at work with my Cherry Cheesecake Pie - making it three of the past four years that I've taken first place (just to brag a bit). It was also great to see old college buddy Jim (Eb) Bishop for a quick lunch as he passed through Colorado in mid-December.

Now the year is coming to a close, and I am left with great memories and zero vacation time. Next year will include a trip to China and my 60th birthday... but that's a story I'll tell in about a year.

Happy Holidays!



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