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Well, here we go.

I'm inviting you to join me on a virutal tour of Scotland and France. It is my intention to update this page daily beginning September 21, 2001 from whatever far-flung locattion I find myself in.

How to use this site.

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How To Use This Site.

Start with the daily page navigation bar (above, in red to the right of the map). Each line is a link to a page which lays out that day's plan. As a contrast to the plan, each day I'll upload the day's actual activities.To see each day's actual activities, look for the "Today's Reality" heading. It should be interesting to see how intact the plan remains.

You are free to look at the plan for any day, but the "Actual" information will only be available as I upload information.

Each page contains information organized in the following categories.
The plan for today.
What actually happened today.

If, where and how I'm traveling today.

If and where I've played golf today and what I shot (honest).


Where I'm staying that night.

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