How the heck do you log-on in Europe?

Here's a shot of the computer stuff that I'm lugging around Europe.

From the Left; digital camera; digital recording studio; step-down transformer; various modem and power adapters; USB adapters and cable; power source; phone, network and audio cords. About 15 pounds worth.

Well for one thing, this is the first time in seven years that I have found a real advantage to belonging to America Online. AOL has (by far) the most local access phone numbers in Europe, and because I'm a member, loggin in to one of them is supposed to be as easy as logging in at home. Of course, I'll believe it when I see it, but my back up plan is to use Cyber Cafes. These Internet-access coffee shops are popular all over Scotland, and there are also several in Paris. So even if my well-placed plans don't work, I should still be able to get information uploaded to my site in an (almost) regular manner.

Below are the web resources that I used to plan for taking my laptop with me on my trip. The proof should be (as they say) "in the pudding." If it doesn't work, you'll know because I won't update as regularly. I plan on reporting on any unexpected problems as part of the travel log, but if you have a specific question about how it's going (or how it went) just e-mail me.

What do you need?

Overseas modem requirements

Electricity and phone adapters for Scotland

Electricity and phone adapters for Paris