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Day 7

It's about a 5 hour drive to Troon from St. Andrews. This means an early start to hit my 13:30 tee time at Royal Troon. This is another British Open Venue.

I should be able to play this course well, I've been playing it on my computer for years.

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Scottish Weather

Well, here's a major change to the plan. I'm not going to Paris. I was going to meet friends there, but their plans were canceled after I left, and the prospect of spending 4 days alone in Paris frankly pales compared to spending 4 more days in Scotland playing golf (sorry Mona). This will also allow me to play Troon (more about that later) and add Turnberry to my list.

Today's drive was intense! Big, multiple lane highways and roundabouts with lots of traffic. I drove right through Glasgow on my way to Troon, and even though it's only about the size of Colorado Springs, it was quite a thrill. Road markings over here are strange. Maybe it's just that it's different than what I'm used to, but I think that the US method is much superior. Inside metro areas the only place you see a sign indicating what road you are on is at the entrance, so if you make a wrong turnoff, you have to notice it right away, or you could be off in the wrong direction for a long time before you notice it. Also, none of the roads are marked North, South, East or West. Instead they list the cities or towns which lie along the route in either direction, so you have to memorize city names unless you have someone reading the map for you.

Anyway, I made it through Glasgow without any major screw-ups only to hit a massive traffic jam caused by an accident south of town. This really screwed me up, because I was counting on getting to Troon in time to get on to the Royal course there. I ended up getting to the course around 15:45, 20 minutes too late to play.

So my little, golf soaked mind started working . . . crap! Come all this way and miss playing at Troon because of a car accident - and one that didn't even cripple me at that! I would have skipped Prestwick (reluctantly) and played Troon on Friday, but Troon only allows non-member play on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I called British Airways and for 40 pounds, changed my ticket to fly to London on Monday night, skipping the whole Paris thing. I guess that just means I have to come back!

Royal Troon

Now the plan is to play Prestwick tomorrow (Friday), a local course, Brassie on Saturday, Turnberry on Sunday (a wonderful addition) and finally Troon on Monday.

I drove right through Stirling today, the heart of Braveheart territory, but I was hurrying to get to Troon, so I didn't stop much. One stop was a bit of a disappointment.

Advie Lodge in Old Troon. It's an old B&B in downtown. Its a cool looking old fishing village.

Special thanks to my host, Geoff Russon at Advie Lodge for helping me to make the necessary changes to my plans, and secure a difficult weekend tee time at Turnberry. Geoff is also allowing me to access the Internet from his phone line, so the remainder of my updates should be more timely.

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