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Day 2

Early start today. I've got a tee time at Loch Ness Golf Club at 13:00.

The drive should only be less than 3 hours, but there are some battlefield sites along the way, and I'd like to dip my toes in Loch Ness. Should be plenty of time - we'll see.

After golf, it's a short drive into Inverness, where I'm staying for two nights, and out on the town for dinner and my first pub-hopping experience (...hic...).

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Sorry for the delay, but my plans didn't include the fact that Scotland mostly closes down on Sunday. Saturday night, after I compiled this page, I couldn't log on to the internet. My careful backup plan to use one of the two cyber-cafes here in Inverness was good - except that they were already closed by the time I discovered the problem on Saturday night and they're both closed all-day Sunday. Hopefully, I'll get this page and day 3 loaded on Monday.

Well, Loch Ness Golf Club was a throw-away anyway. I am officially the victim of jet-lag. At 02:00 this morning, I came full-awake. I couldn't go back to sleep to save my life, so I flipped on the "telly" (I'm a native already) and watched a show called "Yanky Panky." It's a late-night send-off of america's sex industry (complete with full frontal nudity - cool). Anyway, at about 03:30 I was finally able to go back to sleep.

At 06:00, my alarm went off faithfully...but I was UNABLE to get up. Now those of you who know me, know that I am an early riser who (with very few exceptions -sorry Will) never has a problem getting up. When I opened my eyes at 07:00, the alarm was still screaming. By 08:00, hunger pulled me out of bed.

By this time though, getting to Loch Ness Golf Clup by 13:00 would have meant some crazy-fast driving. Since my goals do not include wrapping my civic around some Scottish tree, I decided to take a lesiurely drive to Inverness and bag the day's round of golf. It was a "non-British Open" course anyway - hardly worth my trouble (believe that?).

Well, driving isn't what I expected. Remembering to stay left isn't really that bad. The biggest thing is staying on the right side of the left lane. Whenever I relax for even a second, my muscle memory pulls me to the left side of the lane, trying to position my body in the same place that I'd be in if the steering wheel were on the left. If you know any pedesterians in Scotland this week tell them to stay off the sidewalks. On the other hand, if you know of a company that repairs shoulders and curbs - buy stock.

Loch Ness Golf Club. Oh well.

Rob Roy's (Liam's movie) grave is in a little (I mean the road to this place is smaller than most sidewalks in Denver) village called Balquhidder - YOU figure out how to say it. If you're wondering why I found his grave instead of William Wallace's (Mel's movie was a lot better), that's because when the English got their hands on ol' William, they had him drawn and quartered, and his parts shipped out of the kingdom to different locations for disposal. Except, that is, for his head which remained on a stake in London for many years, until the skull was finally stolen (that's what the old lady at the church said anyway).

The Church Yard at Balquhidder.
Rob Roy's grave.
I could hear water running behind the church, where I found a path and a very small sign that said "water fall." I walked about 100 yards into a dense forest down a moss-covered path and found this.

On up the road to Inverness, I drove through Glencoe (glen means valley). This is the sight of the massacre of the MacDonald clan planned by the King of England. Seems the King sent his soldiers up the glen to visit the MacDonalds. The soldiers were invited to stay, as the highland law of hospitality requires. They stayed for several days, playing cards and generally partying - untill the rest of the English army had blocked the escape routes. When the army was in position, they lit a fire at signal rock and the soldiers in the camp turned on their hosts, salughtering 40 in their sleep.

Nice place for some bloodshed, eh?
This guy was set up on the side of the road at the entrance to the glen playing for tips. His bagpipes were awsome echoing down the valley. I stopped to take the picture above about 2 miles down the road, and I could still hear him playing.

I was looking for a place to get access to Loch Ness, when I came accross Urquahart Castle.

I toured the castle and went to the water's edge to wet my toes

and get Marmelstein some water for his collection. No monster this trip.


The Tower Hotel

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