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Day 12

I'm not in Paris. Check out the Reality section on day 7 for more info.

This is a really crazy travel day. I start off with a 06:00 train ride from Paris to London via the Eurostar through the "Chunnel." I should arrive in London by 09:00 with just enough time to transfer to Gatwick airport for a 12:00 flight.

If I'm without my golf clubs, I'll try to negotiate the "Tube." If I'm still draging those beasts around, it'll mean a cab ride.

Then it's an long plane ride home. Arriving in Denver around 19:00.

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Today started with the most intense airport security I've seen on the trip. I was getting a little cocky about getting to the airport early. In each of my 3 flights on this trip, I've gotten to the airport 3 hours early and been checked in and waiting after about a half hour. Because I stayed at a hotel right on the airport last night, I thought I'd leave my room 2 hours befor the flight was scheduled to take off. I got into line at Continental Airlines about 1.5 hours before the flight. There wasn't much of a line, so I was complimenting myself on how smart I was to get the extra hour lounging around my room watching TV. When I walked around the courner to the first security point and saw 1000s of people there, I didn't feel so smart. It took about a half hour to get through that and I thought I was still cool, until I got to the x-ray machines and saw another 1000 people in front of me. As it turned out I got to the gate just as they were starting to board. My carry-on was hand-searched twice. All in all, though, it went pretty smoothly, but today 3 hours would have been better.

Flying from London to Houston (9.5 hours) and then Houston to Denver (2 hours). Then a shuttle ride home to be in bed by 20:00.

Only memories.

I watched "Moulon Rouge" on the plane. It was better than I had expected (but it may have been the sleeping pills).

Home, sweet home.

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