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Day 11

I'm not in Paris. Check out the Reality section on day 7 for more info.

Today I mark another item off my life's "Must-Do" list. I visit the Louvre and see Mona.

It's just not realistic to see the entire place in a day, so I plan to see the Classic French and Italian Renaissance Paintings and the ancient Egyptian Art. If there's time, then more. . .

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I reallly feel like a Macintosh commercial right now. I'm on a flight from Glasgow to London updating this page while the fellow accross the asile is watching me nervously. I don't have any lodging arranged in London tonight, so I may be sleeping at the airport. I'm tired enough that I could sleep anywhere. I get into London at about 20:00, so we'll see. - UPDATE - I found a nice room at the airport. 80 pounds, but it's worth it t have a nice bed.

Today was great! Royal Troon was worth the wait.

Of course, when I was ready to leave I couldn't find the map to my car rental dropoff location. It made for a nervous approach to the airport, but I knew there was a gas station close to the place, so my plan was to go the the station, fill up and give them a call. When I go the the gas station, I could see their sign, so the problem solved itself. I got to the airport 2 hours early and was checked in and waiting at the gate in 10 minutes.

Driving over here turned out to be pretty managable, but it was simplified by driving in and out of Glasgow. Most of my driving was rural, which made for some nervous, narrow road moments but did avoid the hassles of high-traffic driving without someone to read the map. Understanding about roundabouts was a lifesaver though. Listening to my lunch partners describe their overall confusion with them made me happy I had done my homework.

As for the flying, British Airways rules! Even on my 1 hour flight to London, they served a full meal - and it was great. The plane had more room that US carriers and all the seats were leather.

Royal Troon showed me a bit of her tooth today, but I responded well. The wind was constant at 40 mph into our faces when we teed off. Gusts to 60 the morning weather said. But the sun was shining, and I was playing with Rich and Jim from Chicago (hi guys, I told you you'd be web stars) Just as we turned towards home on the 10th tee, it started raining. Then it started pouring. I don't know what it is about me and the rain, but as soon as it started to come down, so did my scores. I even put together a string of 4 pars and a bogey for the last 5 holes. The fact that the entire back nine (except for one hole), played straight downwind.

When you check the scorecard, note that it is not a typo on the final hole. I did 3-put for a par. I drove the green with a Tigeresque 344 yard drive. I was still able to 3-put from only about 20 feet however, but I still finished the inward nine with a 42, tying my best 9-hole score for the trip.

The clubhouse and the putting green.
Rich tees off for his first round in Scotland, and my last (this trip).
You can't really tell how hard the wind is blowing in this picture, but it was all I could do to stand there. This is the regular tee for the 8th hole. We went down to the gold tees to hit so we could address the ball without falling over.
This is the famous "Postage Stamp." It's a downhill, 123 yard par 3 to a very small green (thus the name). My caddy, Glen, said it's usually a pitching wedge. Into the wind today, I made good contact witha 4-iron and ended up short in the trap. I made a good out, and two-putted for bogey.


As good as the golf at Toon was, lunch and the clubhouse were better! When you pay your 130 pounds ($175) at Troon, you become a pseudo-member for a day. This means that you can play unlimited golf (my golf was limited by my plane flight and the drive to Glasgow), the lunch buffet in the clubhouse and use of the visitor's locker room. The lunch was fabulous, all kinds of meats and meat dishes, about 20 different salads, and a desert tray to make any Las Vegas casino jealous. After lunch I took a long, hot shower, changed clothes and drove the 45 minutes to Glasgow.

I lucked out a got a room at Le Mederan right on Gatwick airport.

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